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Technical Requirements:
Webserver withPHP 5.2+, MySQL 5+
The CMS works on all modern browsers

Download the Zip-file, unpack it and transfer all the files inside the unpacked folder with an FTP client to your webserver.You need to create a new MySQL database and asign a user to it before you continue with the installation. Normally you can do that by accessing the admin panel from your hosting provider. There you can also find out the host of your MySQL server, which often is 'localhost'.
Before you can start the installation you will need to make the '' file writeable. To do this you have to change the mode of this file in the directory 'include/config' to 777. Make sure that you chmod the file back to 644 after the installation is complete. Also make sure that you have write access to the media folder and change its mode to 775. Otherwise you won't be able to upload images to your SchplitZing.
After preparing the database and the file permissions just navigate with your webbroser to the domain, where you uploaded the files to before. You will be automatically taken to the installation form. Fill out the form and make sure you insert a working email address, otherwise you wont be able to connect your SchplitZing with the central database. After clicking on the 'install' button you'll get a confirmation email from the central database. You can now immediately start to author your SchplitZing. You will find more detailed information about how the CMS works after logging in.

Download SchplitZing CMS
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